Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Earn 100% Commissions On Internet Marketing Scripts

ScriptDojo is a blog, though they called it a review site, about internet marketing scripts, affiliate tools and product launches. Each product post, in a blog format, is not really a review about it but merely a description on the product. Below each post, it has a link where it will go to the sales page of the certain product. That link is designed for ScriptDojo’s unique Affiliate Program in which you can earn 100% commissions generated from your referral URL.

Highlights and Benefits
ScriptDojo’s affiliate program concept was not new to me and as I have remembered, I knew and joined one affiliate program which works very similar with them. But in your case, their concept might be different and you may only know it by now. Below are some of the unique benefits when you join ScriptDojo affiliate program.

1. Dozens Of Products To Promote
As I mentioned aboved, the products are posted in a blog format, thus, more and more products are added on a regular basis. If ScriptDojo post another product on their site, it will automatically become one of yours. In addition, with ScriptDojo you will be one of those who will know first about new products about internet marketing.

2. Earn 100% Commissions
When someone go to ScriptDojo’s site from your referral URL and purchase one of those internet marketing products, you will earn all the commissions.

3. Earn From Your Lists
Their site is just a blog format as I repeatedly mentioned and it has also an option to join in their mailing list. When you refer visitors to them and didn’t purchase any item but join in their mailing list, you still have a chance to earn from that visitors in the future. They will send email to their list with your affiliate ID encoded in it when there’s a product launches. Therefore, if your referred visitors that joined in their mailing list buy the new product launches (which they send through email), you will earn the commissions.

4. Earn From Your Affiliates
Same with the above process, you can make money from your afiliates if they buy on the new product launches.

As you might have noticed, their biggest asset would be the products itself as they will continually add new one at a time. However, it costs just $0.01 for the first 30 days (at the time of writing) and then $9.95 per month thereafter to stay with their affiliate program. This makes them again different from others since most affiliate programs are free. Visit ScriptDojo now and start make money online today with internet marketing scripts, affiliate tools and product launches.

Ramil Alcibar

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