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Make money at home, work online

Search the Internet for work-at-home opportunities and the results are pages deep. It's true you can use the Internet to increase your income and do it from home, but proceed with caution. There are plenty of scammers who make their money by taking yours.

There's no quick way to Internet riches. To earn money, you need to provide some sort of service in return for pay. Like real-life jobs, you may need to pass a test or a background check before getting hired. How much you can make depends on your skill and experience. But where possible, I've listed average pay rates.


If you have special talents, consider freelance work. Freelancing isn't just for writers. Designers, programmers, business professionals, engineers and even administrative assistants will find opportunities.

Many small sites list freelance opportunities. Some let you bid on projects for free. For more opportunities, try, or Expect to pay $100 or more for an annual membership.

As a freelancer, you won't have the security of a full-time job. Projects could be sporadic. You may spend more time finding work than working when you start out. But you set your own hourly or per-project rates.

Customer service

If you're experienced in customer service, you can do this virtually. In addition to your own computer and a landline, you need a quiet environment. You can pick your own hours. You'll earn between $6 and $30 per hour. Try, or

Virtual concierge

Virtual concierges handle errands and inquiries. You may be assigned mundane tasks like scheduling appointments. Or, you may get wacky requests, like locating clothing donned by a movie star.

You need strong customer service skills. Try Or, if you can sell yourself, start your own service. Compensation starts at $14 an hour.


Have strong typing skills and a good command of the English language? Consider transcription work. Experience is required, and you must type 75 words per minute. Visit and

Direct sales

If you're good at selling, consider direct sales. Many companies have programs, and it isn't just Tupperware or Avon. You can sell in person or via the Internet.

The Direct Selling Association ( will match companies to your interests. It also offers advice. Visit the individual companies' sites for information on their programs.


If teaching is your passion, become an online tutor. You connect with students via online chat.

Be prepared to take a rigorous test. Teaching experience may be required. Start by visiting or Expect to make $10 per hour.

Help for the disabled

Telecommuting is particularly beneficial for some disabled people. The National Telecommuting Institute ( helps individuals with disabilities find work-from-home opportunities. You'll find job listings and advice.

Watch out for scams

You'll find plenty of scam artists when you look for work-at-home opportunities.

Be wary of companies that promise extraordinary sums of money for little work or opportunities that require a substantial investment. In most cases, there shouldn't be up-front fees for getting started. With direct sales, you may need to buy products. Don't pay more than $500. And make sure the company will take back unsold stock.

Before you get involved with a company, do an online search. Type the company name, along with "scam" into a search engine. You'll see if others have had bad experiences with a company. Also, check with the Better Business Bureau ( for complaints.


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Free Clickbank Mall - Earn Easy Money Online

Cher K. Markov

Affiliate Internet Marketing is one of the very few sectors of
home business which is creating waves. Day-by-day, more and more affiliate marketers are entering into the arena of affiliate marketing with a dream of making BIG and earn easy money. It could happen only when it is a tested or proven affiliate program which requires investment. But for a newbie in affiliate marketing world, it is very difficult to spend hundreds of dollars.

As an internet marketer, I regularly browse the internet and find easy ways to make money online. Let me share with you a proven money making system which is absolutely FREE. DownloadsOnline is a Clickbank Directory where one can earn upto 75% commission on top selling affiliate products.

This Free Clickbank Mall is not an automated internet income generating scheme. It is neither a get rich quick system nor a system that promises shower of dollars overnight. The concept of the Free Clickbank Mall is that it provides a link when visitors purchase anything from your mall, you will earn up to 75% Commission of its price. It also provides a Free Clickbank Search Box (a code has to be placed on the website or blog) with which you can earn money.

It is possible to earn money without having an own web site. With free clickbank mall, you need not bother about web hosting and web designing. Simply you need to concentrate on driving traffic to the mall.

The USP of free clickbank mall is that unlike other clickbank malls there is no affiliate information found in the Titles and Descriptions. In other Clickbank malls you will notice affiliate oriented titles and descriptions (ex: affiliates make 75%, make $43 per sale etc.) that are not shopper friendly and reduce your income.

The beauty of this Free Clickbank mall is that one can customize it starting from the header of the mall to the description of the products. Other Clickbank malls in the affiliate market allow you to promote only the main page, but here one can promote any type of products or services, categories or sub-categories or any page of your mall in addition to the main page.

There is a lot of support for this Free Clickbank Mall in the form of forums. What more one can expect for FREE? Indeed it is a great thing for newbie’s to avail this golden opportunity. It would be fair to recommend this Free Clickbank Mall for new and average affiliate marketers.

Earn Extra Income Opportunity – Jump On The Advertising Campaign

Written by Editors Choice

With millions of blogs and web sites online, many people still miss out on the great online home business opportunity that it provides.

Advertising on the web has exploded over the last few years. People have begun to realize how many people surf the web, and how some well placed ads can help generate more income for them and give them the perfect earn extra income opportunity and the ability to work at home.

You can take advantage of this and make money online easily. All you need to have is a web site. You can get one for free and just add your own content. Anything that will interest people will do. Write your own articles on politics or any subject that interests you and it will be sure to interest like minded people.

You can also use this idea on your business web site. Next you need to find some ads. Google ads are great, and Yahoo has recently come out with their own ads too. They are free to ad to your web site and every time someone clicks on your ad, you will be paid money. How’s that for an earn extra income opportunity.

There are also several different click as you go ads available on the internet. Make sure you read what they’re offering you, and choose the one that will benefit you the most.

You can also advertise ad space on your web site. Some people might be willing to pay you some money monthly or yearly for ad space on your site. This is a great way to make money online and if successful this can provide the perfect internet based home business.

If you have one web site with google ads, the income may not seem very impressive at first, but multiply that income by several web sites, and suddenly you’re making some pretty decent extra money. And to top it all off, you get to work at home on something you enjoy.

Good deal, huh?

All you have to do now is work on your web site to develop your own internet based home business. It really is that easy and an excellent earn extra income opportunity.

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Seven Tips To Cut Your Bills

By Alison Hunt

Regular readers and contributors to our fantastic Dealing with Debt discussion board will know what it is to suffer the stress of owing money to credit card companies, personal loan lenders and other financial institutions.

Many of them have discovered that with some dedication and darn hard work you can follow The Fool's strategy and set up realistic payment plans, cut back in other areas and get those finances back under control.

But you don't have to owe money to creditors to struggle financially. After all, five interest rate rises in the last 12 months have meant that many of us are now struggling with our mortgages.

What's more, the cost of living has continued to increase while many companies fail to give even inflation-matching pay rises. And of course, those surviving on meagre pensions feel it the most. All in all, if you feel like you have less money each month now than you did a year ago, chances are your outgoings have been creeping up without you realising.

So what can we do to cope? Well while you may not be able to make a difference to some of your outgoings, you can certainly make some changes elsewhere and claw money back that way.

Depending on how dedicated you are to the cause you can save tens of pounds, to hundreds each month, simply by keeping a tight rein on your finances and aiming to shave pounds off every expense. Check out these tips on how to tackle those bills:

1. Mortgage

Check through your list of bills to be paid each month. If you have a mortgage, find out when its introductory period is over and make a note in your diary to remortgage three months before. With lender's standard variable rates set at anything up to 8.5% you don't want to fall foul of even one of these expensive payments.

2. Utilities

If you haven't changed your gas and electricity supplier(s) for a while, check that you can't get a cheaper deal. Don't forget that if you pay by direct debit your provider could be sitting on a pile of your overpaid payments (which can be as much as a few hundred pounds!) so claim that back. And if you have fewer people in your home than bedrooms, fitting a water meter could shave pounds off your water bill.

3. Digital TV

Do you really need that digital TV subscription? At my home, we ditched our package with Virgin for a £40 Freeview box this year and I can honestly say that we don't miss those extra channels (but certainly notice the missing direct debit).

4. Phone calls

And if you use your landline a lot but pay for each phone call individually, examine your usage pattern. You could find you can save by either opting into a suitable cheap calling package with your provider (for example, you can pay an extra £3.45 per month for BT Together which gives all evening and weekend calls for free) or by picking an override company such as 1899 (especially if you make a lot of overseas calls).

Of course, once you've chosen your plan you must try and stick to making calls during the times that you can do so for free (or most cheaply). And don't forget, you can avoid having to dial those rip-off 0870 numbers by checking for an alternative number with saynoto0870.

Better still, if you have broadband check out one of the many internet (VOIP) call providers such as Skype or Vonage and make calls from your PC for free. And speaking of broadband, you could find switching supplier could save you a packet. That said, don't be a slave to broadband. If you barely use it, could you save by cancelling the contract and simply using the connection at work?

5. Mobile Phone

Check your mobile phone bill and see how many of those inclusive minutes you actually use. With tariffs starting at around £35 per month (that's £420+ per year!) you want to be pretty sure you're getting your money's worth -- and if you're an occasional user a pay as you go phone could work out to be a far cheaper option.

If you're still paying your provider a fiver or more a month for insurance, find out why it's a rip off and ditch it. And if you are a mobile phone junkie, a cheap way to get a swanky new phone can be to check out a cashback deal.

6. Gym Membership

As for gym membership, ensure that you're getting your money's worth -- do you go at least twice a week? Could paying per trip to the local council run gym/pool save you money? If so, save yourself that £40+ per month (or £480 per year!) and cancel it.

7. Contact lenses

And if you pay for your contact lenses each month, did you know you can save a fortune by buying in bulk from an online discount company? Check out, Tesco and Sainsbury's -- you can even earn reward points with your order.

And don't forget to scan your bank statement for old direct debits that you no longer use -- and cancel them!

So those are some of the ways we can cut our outgoings by attacking our bills. In my next article, I'll give my tips on how we can do the same to those household expenses.

Affiliate Marketing: Make Money From Your Blog

PopShops service makes it easy to market products related to your content.
Richard Morochove

You can make money by selling products or services on the Web. But what if you have no products of your own to offer?

If you run a popular informational Web site--perhaps a blog--there are several ways to capitalize on the value of your Web visitors and develop a new source of business income. One of the most popular methods is affiliate marketing, which lets you earn money by marketing other businesses' products and services on your Web site.

A new service from lets you create virtual storefronts to advertise affiliate products on your Web site or blog. PopShops doesn't work easily with every type of blog, but it can make quick work of designing and setting up a storefront. The basic service is free; editions with more capabilities cost up to $30 per month.
How Affiliate Marketing Works

Some businesses let you sign up directly with them to sell their products, but many have joined affiliate networks. An affiliate network eases the administrative burden for both the business with something to sell and the information publisher who wants to earn money by marketing third-party products.

As a publisher, when you join an affiliate network, you gain access to dozens or even hundreds of potential advertisers at one fell swoop. Advertisers benefit since they don't need to cut thousands of little checks each month to pay each of the publishers selling their products. They pay the network, which makes one monthly payment to the publishers, accumulating earnings from all advertisers on the network. Generally these networks set a minimum amount that you must earn before they send you payment--for example, if you earn $40 per month and the minimum is $100, you won't get paid until the end of the third month, when you'll get a check for $120.

Typically, publisher earnings are based upon visitor purchases or some other desired action. In other words, the publisher makes money only when someone clicks an ad link on their site and makes a purchase from the advertiser. The publisher's earnings might be either a percentage of that sale or a flat fee.

Some affiliate network advertising merchants are well-known and established businesses, such as Kodak and Panasonic. Others you may have never heard of.
How PopShops Helps Publishers

There are many affiliate networks: LinkShare and Commission Junction are two established ones. Each network has its own conditions for accepting publishers and its own methods for how you must add advertiser links to your site.

The ad-linking requirements can read like so much technobabble to new publishers. That's where PopShops can help. The service integrates with several popular affiliate networks to ease the burden of designing a virtual storefront, selecting suitable products for it, and creating the ad-linking code for your online store.

Once you sign up with PopShops, you can use its Shopbuilder tool to view a list of all advertising merchants it supports. Clicking on an advertiser lets you drill down and view its products. Then you can click on a product to add its image and link to your virtual store.

The ad-linking code for the store is created by PopShops. When you're done, you publish your store by inserting the PopShops code into your Web page.

The beauty of PopShops is how easy it makes creating a store that mixes and matches products from different merchants from several affiliate networks. Currently, PopShops supports five affiliate networks (Commission Junction, LinkShare, Performics, Red Galoshes, ShareASale) with data feeds from over 1000 merchants offering more than 22 million products.
PopShops Limitations

You can set up a PopShops account in 5 minutes, but you're on your own when it comes to creating accounts with the affiliate networks that the service supports.

To join an affiliate network you'll need to do your homework and gather some information. Most networks want details on the number of your monthly site visitors, the content that your site contains, targeted visitor demographics, and so on. Count on spending at least 20 minutes to complete each affiliate network publisher application.

Once your application is approved by an affiliate network, you can enter your affiliate account name into your PopShops account.

Not all advertisers on affiliate networks offer data feeds; PopShops limits you to those which do.

PopShops has a widget that you can plug into a Blogger or TypePad blog. Support for WordPress is weaker, though a plug-in is planned. For now, WordPress bloggers will need to play with JavaScript or PHP settings to use PopShops. Frankly, if you have the technical savvy to do this, you probably don't need the training wheels that PopShops offers.
Can You Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

You must welcome a significant number of site visitors to make money using affiliate marketing. If your site receives just five or ten unique visitors per day, don't waste your time joining an affiliate network or setting up a virtual store; your time would be better spent increasing the popularity of your site and improving its content.

I recommend holding off on affiliate network marketing until you receive at least 1000 unique visitors per month. Even at that level, your affiliate earnings will likely be skimpy. Perhaps you'll earn enough to pay your Web hosting bill with enough left over to treat yourself to lunch. However, your site won't deliver a sizable supplemental income.

Another key element to success is matching the interests of your visitors to the products that you offer in your virtual store. For example, if you publish a blog related to outdoors activities, camping gear may be a good choice.

If your site receives many visitors and you select appealing products and services, affiliate marketing can be profitable. You may earn thousands of dollars each month--I know, because I've done it.
Is PopShops Worth It?

PopShops' basic free service lets you establish up to ten virtual stores, marketing up to 100 products per store. You risk little using the freebie service--just an investment of some time to sign up and then to modify your Web site.

PopShops Pro ($5 per month) can create an unlimited number of shops and lets you add search engine-friendly code. PopShops Enterprise ($30 per month) also lets you manage multiple affiliate IDs, which could be useful if you run several different Web sites. A 15-day free trial is available for Pro and Enterprise accounts.

If you already run affiliate marketing sites and have your ad-linking procedures worked out, I recommend you test the free service to check out PopShops on one site. You can upgrade to a more-capable paid account if you believe the service is worth it.

Make Money Online – So Many Possibilities

Written by Editor Choice

The internet offers us a plethora of opportunities that offline ventures just plain can’t reproduce. We enjoy spending money like online shopping, losing money from gambling, and making money with online internet marketing. Many people who dream of financial freedom want to learn how to make money on the internet. What’s the best way?

There’s really no easy answer to that question. The internet offers so many possibilities. Almost any hobby or skill can be use to make money on the internet. You can sell an ebook on a subject your passionate about, or you can sell other people’s products and earn affiliate commission. Other people choose the freelance route, such as freelance writing, web-designing, typing, and programming.

Some internet entrepreneurs have learned that simply having a web site with traffic can generate a good income. Placing other companies’ ads on their traffic generating website can be very lucrative. This method can take quite a bit of time and work, but in time, you can build up your “virtual real estate” to produce massive amounts of income. These are just a few of the MANY ways to earn an income online. However, many people are interested in making the most money possible.
The bottom line is that that there is no best way to make money online. The easiest way for you to start generating income online is to use your imagination and be creative, utilizing your natural talents and abilities. Some people say doing what you love is always the best way, and that’s always a good place to start. Doing what you enjoy doing, and making money in the process – what could possibly be better than that?

There are also many “get rich quick” schemes floating around. Don’t buy into the fact that all get rich quick systems are scams. Many people will tell you if it’s too good to be true, it usually is. But when it comes to the internet, I’ve found the opposite to be true. The fact of the matter is, most people that feel they just got scammed by another product, are really only scamming themselves. They buy a product that promises them riches beyond their belief, and then in return, expect that product to magically work for them. This is NEVER the case. Every system, every “scheme”, and every get rich product requires the right attitude, effort, and perseverance.

The truth is, 90% of the people who buy a new product that promises them riches will fail. However, it’s not the product that is at fault, it’s the person. Success is 80% mentality and 20% skill. For example, that same product that made one person fail, can be deadly in the hands of the right person, with the right attitude. I’ve seen people fail with spectacular products, and I’ve seen people explode their income with dead-beat products.

I promise that if you treat your new online business as a business, with the right work ethic and mentality, you will succeed every time. The internet is wide open with possibilities, and the money is out there. You just need to find your niche. Here’s to your success.

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