Sunday, November 2, 2014

Snap a photo and earn money with Scoopshot!

MANILA, Philippines — Wouldn't it be great to make money through your own photos using your smartphone?
If you are the type of a person who constantly snaps photos of a delicious dessert from a local restaurant, stunning outdoor scenery from your escapades and a local convention you are attending, then you are browsing on the right page.
Let's face it. Smartphone users are rapidly on the rise because of phones' functionality and expediency. Innovation has led smartphones to function the way we didn't expect them to be. Through a smartphone-powered photography app Scoopshot, your smartphone may now be your ticket to fame and fortune.
The development of the app started with the realization that the media isn't always present when newsworthy events happen.
To address that, Scoopshot has created an innovative way to modernize and restructure the publishing process while saving time and money and encouraging the participation of the public – by offering a crowdsourcing service that allows eye-witnesses to capture and sell their photos and videos to the media and other companies.
All you have to do is download the Scoopshot app and upload photos and videos of breaking news and community news that are timely, relevant and publication-worthy. Media companies and other publications can then access your photos and buy them from you!
Lifestyle Feature ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch:Scoopshot was originally created as a means to go against the conventional journalism style of publishing news services.
Scoopshot was originally created as a means to go against the conventional journalism style of publishing news services.
However, it also allows other companies to post photo "assignments," which users then respond to by taking and uploading photos that meet the task. For example, a real estate company asks the Scoopshot users to share a creative photo of their most beautiful developments, they buys photos that stood out among the submissions. However, not every photo guarantees money, so you have to make sure your submission grabs the attention of companies and media outlets.
Regina Mae Ongkiko, a Scoopshot user and previous designer of wireframes for apps says that the app is easy to use and has a great interface. Moreover, the app lets the users participate without the pressure. According to her, "Wala naman pumipilit sa'yo na gawin siya. Titignan mo lang kung may tasks dun na kaya mo gawin then try your luck."
As a heavy smartphone user, she also claims that the app does not just let you take and upload photos. The possibility of making revenue out of it is always exciting.